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Securely purchase the full range of GcMAFpets products featuring our non-serum bioidentical GcMAF formula. Supplementing this to a sick animal helps aggressively stimulate immune response to a wide range of health issues the immune system is responsible for regulating and eradicating. Our transdermal gels and sublingual sprays are safe, effective and easy-to-use at home. They are suitable for vertebrate animals of all sizes including dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, rodents, horses and reptiles.

Choose a product based on the size of your animal below

1,500ng GcMAFpets gel

Small animals (0-10kg)

1,500ng GcMAF Transdermal Gel

$72.00 USD

Usually $85 - save $13

8,000ng GcMAF Transdermal Gel For Animals

Medium animals (11-25kg)

8,000ng GcMAF Transdermal Gel

$127.00 USD

Usually $150 - save $23

15,000ng GcMAF Gel For Large Animals

Large animals (26-45kg)

15,000ng GcMAF Transdermal Gel

$252.00 USD

Usually $297 - save $45

15,000mg GcMAF Gel For Extra Large Animals

Extra-large animals (45kg+)

15,000mg GcMAF Transdermal Gel

$670.00 USD

Usually $789 - save $119

GcMAFpets oral spray bottle

Oral Spray - all animal sizes

50,000ng GcMAF Sublingual Spray

$492.00 USD

Usually $579 - save $87

Choosing the right product for your pet

We have a range of different product strengths and formula types to suit animals of all sizes for many types of conditions. For more information on how to choose the product that is best suited for your pet's needs, please click on the button below or contact us here for more information.

Dog and cat on footpath

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