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Instructions for using our products

For best results please carefully follow the instructions for the product/s you purchase listed below. It is important to take the time to read all of the information below as this will differ between animal types and conditions. If you require any additional assistance please contact us here.

Gel jar with lid to push down

Gel instructions

Application amount

Very gently push in the lid of the jar to dispense a tiny amount of gel about the size of a small pea. Wipe gel from lid with 1 or 2 fingers and rub in gently to skin according to application area options listed below.

Daily usage

For health issues use 1 application* twice a day (morning and evening). For minor conditions and general preventative or maintenance purposes, you only need to use 1 application once a day in the evening. Continue daily for at least 2-3 months or until desired result is achieved.

* For animals weighing over 150kg (330lb) using the Super Strength Gel, use 2 applications instead of 1.

Option 1 - apply to ears

For most animals the easiest place to apply the gel where they are unable to lick it off is the outer tip of their ears (except birds). Here it is effectively absorbed through the thin layers of skin overlying capillaries into the broader lymphatic system. Ensure you avoid getting gel into the ear canals by NOT applying gel to the areas in red illustrated below.


Option 2 - apply to lymph nodes

The gel can also be applied to skin around the animal's lymph node regions closest to the region of concern. This is a particularly effective application method for conditions such as skin issues, tumors, growths, arthritis and other topical issues. Choose a suitable area from the diagrams below.


Please make sure the area is somewhere the animal can not lick the gel off, close to their main region of concern (if applicable), not located directly on an open wound or broken skin or an area with excessive fur/hair the gel can not reach the skin.

Additional guidelines & recommendations

  • Make sure the ear or area of skin is clean and dry before administering
  • Give a food treat or use a cone (Elizabethan collar) after application to distract the animal from licking the area
  • Make sure to part any fur, hair or feathers from the area to ensure the gel is applied directly to the skin
  • Massage in gently for at least 1-2 minutes to ensure it is fully absorbed into skin
  • Although you should not apply to broken skin, for skin infections please use gloves to minimize spreading
  • If the animal is resistant to administration you may wish to view try some of our tips to help here
Sublingual spray

Oral spray instructions

Application amount

One application is dispensed by pushing the spray nozzle in once (or rubber bulb if you requested the eyedropper attachment for small animals). This should be done daily for at least 2-3 months or until the desired result is achieved, according to your animal's size listed in the guidelines below

Applications per day (by size)

  • 0-2kg: 1 spray/drop once a day (evening)
  • 2-100kg: 1 spray/drop twice a day (morning and evening)
  • 100-200kg: 1 spray/drop three times a day (morning, lunch & evening)
  • Over 200kg: 2 sprays/drops twice daily (morning & evening)

Mouth application areas

The spray (or eye dropper liquid) is absorbed into capillaries under the tongue, gums or mouth tissue. Below are suitable areas to apply in the mouth region for common animal types.


Additional spray guidelines

  • Wait at least 15 minutes after an animal has consumed food/liquid before administering, and then a further 15 minutes after application
  • For very small animals like rodents and birds, we recommend choosing the eyedropper version for ease of application
  • Avoid getting the liquid on to the animal's teeth as it will not be absorbed into capillaries as designed

Using a gel and spray together

Particularly for very aggressive conditions in larger animals (at least over 2kg/4.4lb), there may be benefit using a gel and spray together at the same time. This dual-approach will supplement higher levels of GcMAF to the animal's broader blood/circulatory system via the spray, and to their lymphatic system via the gels. Doing so means the GcMAF is able to reach and activate of a wider array of macrophages and further enhance overall immune system stimulation. Although perfectly safe, this approach is superfluous for minor conditions or preventative purposes and is more suited to very aggressive health issues.

  • Choose the gel strength option suitable your animal's size and use daily according to instructions here
  • Use the spray daily alongside the gel according to instructions here
  • Do not use a spray and gel together for small animals under 2kg (4.4lb) as they do not require such high levels

Tips for resistant animals

  • Administer when they are relaxed such as after eating, sleeping or playing
  • Wrap them in a blanket and hold close in a comforting way
  • Have someone else give them a toy or treat (gel only) whilst you apply
  • Play some relaxing or classical music in the background
  • Consider your safety at all times, particularly for larger animals and those with sharp teeth

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