GcMAF products for pets

We are proud to introduce the world's first range of GcMAF products designed specifically for vertebrate animals. This cutting-edge immunotherapy treatment will help boost the natural capacity of your pet's immune system to respond against viruses, tumors, infections, inflammatory disease and other immune-related conditions. It is effective and easy for use on dogs, cats, birds, horses and any other type of vertebrate animal.

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Laboratory produced

Our unique production process produces active bioidentical GcMAF from bovine colostrum which is manufactured under strict protocol in our Australian laboratory.

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Helps many issues

GcMAF is a form of immunotherapy which helps strengthen the immune system and activate macrophages to help eradicate infections, bacteria and foreign cells.

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Designed for all animals

GcMAFpets can be used on any type of animal including domestic pets such as dogs, cats, rodents and birds, as well as commercial applications such as horse stables.

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Effective for all types of vertebrate animals

Just like humans, all vertebrate animals produce GcMAF naturally within a healthy immune system. However, when this is compromised it severely inhibits activation of macrophages whose role is to seek and destroy foreign cells within their body. This is where supplementing bioidentical GcMAF to a sick animal helps them fight back against a range of illnesses which the immune system is naturally designed to counter.

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1,500ng GcMAFpets gel

Small animals (0-10kg)

1,500ng GcMAF Transdermal Gel

$72.00 USD

Usually $85 - save $13

8,000ng GcMAF Transdermal Gel For Animals

Medium animals (11-25kg)

8,000ng GcMAF Transdermal Gel

$127.00 USD

Usually $150 - save $23

15,000ng GcMAF Gel For Large Animals

Large animals (26-45kg)

15,000ng GcMAF Transdermal Gel

$252.00 USD

Usually $297 - save $45

15,000mg GcMAF Gel For Extra Large Animals

Extra-large animals (45kg+)

15,000mg GcMAF Transdermal Gel

$670.00 USD

Usually $789 - save $119

GcMAFpets oral spray bottle

Oral Spray - all animal sizes

50,000ng GcMAF Sublingual Spray

$492.00 USD

Usually $579 - save $87

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